Scott and Karen's Efficient House

Russellville, MO

Project Details

New Construction
Vertical Loop
Forced Air
1900 sq. ft.

Project Description

When designing their new home, Scott and Karen knew they wanted to use natural sources of energy like solar and geothermal, to not only help the environment but to also benefit by saving on their monthly utility bills. Meeting with Porting Mechanical Services, they were able to create their ideal heating and cooling and energy storage system that matches their home’s energy needs. Porting’s team was able to size the solar array to cover the home’s newer (and lower) heating and cooling energy load to bring down their monthly utility bills significantly.

Installation Details

Scott and Karen decided to place their Hydron Module YT unit in their garage, along with the hot water tanks, and other accessories. Their solar PV array includes 16 modules on their south-facing roof, which is estimated to offset 91% of their energy usage within their home. Working closely with Hydron Module’s design team, Porting was able to create a customized, energy-efficient system based off their energy load calculations.

Equipment Installed


Estimated Heating and Cooling Costs: $754 annually (without solar)
Estimated Energy Offset from Solar PV Array: 91%
Additional Savings: Scott and Karen utilized a geothermal rebate through the American Missouri Coolsavers program, and take advantage of their net metering program which allowed a $.25 per DC kilowatt buyback by filing a pre-connection and interconnection permit.


Porting Mechanical Services

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