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Steve Smith
CEO, Founder

Sincere care for customers, installers, distributors, and employees is something Hydron Module’s entire leadership team embodies, starting with our CEO, Steve Smith, who has vast experience in the geothermal heat pump industry.

Steve was introduced to geothermal heat pumps in 1983 when he was the Director of Member Services for a southwestern Illinois electric cooperative. After learning more about geothermal heat pumps and seeing the benefits for both homeowners and the cooperative, he helped start and fully managed a geothermal distribution company owned by several electric cooperatives.

With a passion for customer service, Steve and his wife, Karen, started Enertech Inc., a geothermal heat pump distribution company in Greenville, IL. In 2007, Enertech started manufacturing its own geothermal heat pump brands including, Hydron Module geothermal systems. Through years of growth, the company became Enertech Global and is now a part of NIBE Climate Solutions.

Steve works to further the geothermal heat pump industry, serving as an active member of the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO), speaking at industry-related events, and demonstrating his thought leadership through articles. But, Steve’s favorite type of work is being in the field, helping with installations and hearing directly from Hydron Module customers.

"We spend about 4,000 to 6,000 hours a year in our homes. You deserve the highest level of comfort and energy-savings during this time, and we're here to make make that happen. When you get a Hydron Module system, you join a family that places emphasis on high-quality service and products."

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Corporate Headquarters

2506 S Elm Street
Greenville, IL 62246

Manufacturing Facility

5751 Airport Rd
Mitchell, SD 57301

Why Hydron Module?

Hydron Module has a rich history with quality at its core. Originally hand-crafted by Hutterites in South Dakota, the commitment to building a reliable, sturdy heat pump remains. Hydron Module geothermal systems are built in the heart of America, Mitchell, SD, by a team dedicated to continuous improvement and quality control. Hydron Module offers the best residential geothermal warranty as a testament to the thorough testing performed on each unit. Before leaving the production facility, each Hydron Module unit is turned on and ran in both the heating and cooling mode to ensure its running optimally.

Advanced design to meet home and building owners’ needs, along with specialized component selection for quality gives Hydron Module a competitive advantage. To demonstrate, all Hydron Module vertical-packaged units have micro-channel air coils, preventing corrosion for a longer lifespan and further reliability. Hydron Module implemented this change first as an answer to customer feedback and an industry-wide need. ECM blower motor, which ensures quiet start-up and operates at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional blower motors, come standard with Hydron Module products.

Hydron Module systems offer more at every opportunity, including hot water assist, which are standard on residential units. This feature allows for unused to be captured and applied to water heating, typically cutting hot water costs 25% - 40%. Unit for unit, Hydron Module geothermal systems offer higher heating capacities than competing geothermal brands, which results in lower heating costs for home and building owners

When you become a Hydron Module owner, you join a family that values quality, craftsmanship, and dedication above all else. We are determined to offer you a product that keeps you comfortable for its lifetime, all while offering genuine customer care for any need that may arise.

Enertech, manufacturer of Hydron Module geothermal systems, is recognized by industry trade associations and certified for compliance with safety and efficiency standards. Our systems have also received multiple industry design awards.
Energy Star
AHRI Member
GEO Exchange
ETL Listed

We Think Differently

Our approach to geothermal heat pumps and customer care is different. We're dedicated to making the best products even better by always taking the needs of homeowners, builders, architects, designers, and our dealer and distributor network into account. Without customer input, we wouldn't succeed. Let's keep making heat pumps better.

Hydron Module Geothermal Systems is a proud brand of Enertech Global, LLC.

We're a team that takes pride in offering the best products and service

Hydron Module is a geothermal heat pump brand dedicated to enhancing home and building comfort, performing at the highest efficiencies, and undergoing thorough testing for superior reliability. Our mission is to offer heat pumps that are a fit for every home and building in order to eliminate the need for fossil fuels associated with heating, cooling, and hot water.


Hydron Module Geothermal Systems
by Enertech Global, LLC
2506 S Elm Street
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