Become Part of the Hydron Module Legacy

Building a business like yours requires knowing what customers need and want, while providing superior service and quality craftsmanship. 

Customers expect products that meet their needs, offers more, and saves money. It's rare that a product can provide it all. 

Hydron Module installers and distributors gain access to an innovative, high-quality, versatile geothermal heat pump product line. When you become a Hydron Module installer, your brand is associated with a legacy of experienced professionals that offer the highest quality products. Best of all, you work with a manufacturer that listens, because we believe installers and distributors provide the best insight. Your input is vital for our success.

What We Provide

Innovative Products

Cutting-Edge Products

Hydron Module products are the direct result of collaboration between installers, distributors, and our engineering team. Through Product Councils, we listen and produce cutting-edge designs to meet needs.  

The Best Support

Superior Support

We have the best people in the industry to support you pre and post-purchase. We offer training in installation, sales, and marketing, and assistance through software, technical support, and free geothermal designs.

Quality Products

High-Quality Products

We say it repeatedly because we mean it; we are dedicated to quality. Each unit on the production line is tested and monitored with a computerized run test station, which means each system is powered up and runs in the heating and cooling mode.

What Our Partners Value

High Standards

Our partners aim to achieve the highest standards. They offer quality products, focus on the details, place emphasis on customer care, and provide great customer service.  

New Customers

We send installers and distributors qualified leads that find out about our products through different channels. Our partners quickly follow up and identify needs to convert leads to customers. 

Professional Development

We offer hands-on training opportunities to help partners succeed and grow. We encourage participation in our educational resources, which include in-person classes, webinars, and online materials at Enertech University.

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