Living Building Home

Ann Arbor, MI

Project Details

New Construction
Horizontal Loop
5,000 sq. ft.

Project Description

With about 5 years of design and construction, this home’s sole intent is for true sustainable living. Nestled on 15 acres of farmland, it is one of the most eco-friendly homes in the world. Certified in 2017 by the International Living Future Institute, this “Living Building Challenge” home uses no fossil fuels for heat or power. The homeowners have a passion for instilling knowledge and inspiring others to live sustainably and are in the process of becoming a not-for-profit farming operation (Beacon Springs Farm, LLC) where all excess food gathered will go to Food Gatherers and Hope Clinic to provide fresh food for those who cannot afford it.

Installation Details

To achieve net-positive status, the house has a 60-panel solar array and a Trombe wall. It has a Geo-Store Hot Water Tank and a Fantech HRV system. The home was built to be air-tight with the following features: R-values of insulation: Slab and basement walls: R-30; Above-grade walls: R-48; Roof/ceiling: R-68; ResNet HERS Index of energy efficiency: –10; Usual range for a net-zero energy-ready home: < 30; Typical American home: 100


Equipment Installed


During the required 12-month LBC audit period, the house generated 20,270 kWh of electricity, and used 15,987 kWh, producing 26% more energy than it used. 4,283 kWh were pushed back to the electric utility grid, moving the home past net-zero into net-positive. Estimated Annual Operating Costs: Heating: $537; Cooling: $50; Hot Water: $57; Total: $543 per year


Installer: Michigan Energy Services 
Whitmore Lake, Michigan
(734) 449 - 5200

Other Contractors: Michael Klement of Architectural Resource LLC, Wayne Appleyard of Sunstructures Architects, Dave Stark of Rainwater Management Solutions, Bob Burnside of Fireside Home Construction, Amanda Webb Nichols of Catalyst Partners, Shannan Gibb-Randall of InSite Design Studio, and John Wakeman of SUR Energy

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