Mid-Century Abode

Stamford, CT

Project Details

Vertical Loop
Forced Air
3,800 sq. ft.

Project Description

The first year Brian and his wife spent in their 1953 Connecticut home, they spent $10,000 to heat with fuel oil. Immediately, they began weighing their options and searching for a more affordable heating solution. King Energy, their geothermal installer, assessed the home and determined installing a geothermal system would meet their needs and offer substantial long-term cost-savings. The couple initially considered a German-made geothermal system, and were thrilled when King Energy introduced them to American-made Hydron Module. Brian commented that he's very satisfied with their choice to install a Hydron Module geothermal system and looks forward to many years of comfort and savings.

Installation Details

When the geothermal system was installed, the home still had its original, 1953 windows. Even with outdated, single-pane windows, the homeowners saw a 15% - 20% savings in the first year. In mid-2015, they replaced all the windows with double pane glass, and are now seeing savings of 50% - 60%. "It's been steady and free of problems," Brian said. "I cannot recommend this enough, and the size I got is ample for heating and cooling up to 3,800 sq. ft."

Equipment Installed


50% - 60% annually on heating and cooling costs


Installer: King Energy, LLC
Lebanon, CT
(860) 420 - 7134


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