Elegant Missouri River Ranch

Washington, MO

Project Details

New Construction
Vertical Loop
4,500 sq. ft.

Project Description

This healthy home is nestled in Washington, MO, the corncob pipe capital of the world. When the homeowner set out to build a new home in this small town along the Missouri River, they prioritized a low energy profile and superior comfort for their family. The house was foamed and sealed to create a very tight thermal envelope. The home incorporates many beneficial accessories to fulfill the homeowner's energy-savings and comfort requirements, including steam humidifiers and energy recovery ventilators. 

Installation Details

The lower level has in-floor, radiant heat with five circuits, and the forced air system is set up in four zones with a Honeywell system. Two Aprilaire steam humidifiers were added to provide lower energy costs, a healthier home environment, and increased comfort. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) were added to each system to continually provide fresh air, reducing VOCs. This was all connected by four Aprilaire multi-stage touchscreen thermostats that integrated the steam humidifiers and ERVs into a one-device control center. 

Equipment Installed


30% - 70% annual savings on heating and cooling costs


Installer: Level 9 Heating and Cooling
Washington, MO
(636) 202 - 2900

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