Start Your Solar Journey

Starting your journey to PV solar isn't complicated. When evaluating whether or not solar is a good option for you, consider the following: 


What's Your Roof Like?

Are you a candidate for a roof mounted solar system? Check the following:

    Is your roof free of obstructions (i.e. skylights, antennas, wires, vents, etc.)?
    Are there large portions of your roof shaded by trees or other structures during a significant part of the day?
    If so, would you be willing to remove trees to receive more direct sunlight?
    Typically, south facing roofs offer the highest production, but if you have exposed west or east roofs, modules can be placed there. Each roof face and module count will vary depending on roof size and accessibility.
    What type of roofing material do you have? An asphalt or metal roof is an ideal candidate for a roof mounted system.
    Since roofs come in different shapes and sizes, getting exact measurements of your roof, especially if you have limited roof space or a unique layout, will help determine how many modules can be placed on your roof.
    Think long-term: Will you be adding items to the home that require more energy use (i.e. new construction, pools, hot tub, etc.)?

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Does it seem like your roof won't work for a solar array? No problem! A ground mount solar array may be the perfect solution.

What's Your Electric Use?

To properly size your solar system, we'll need to know how much electricity your home or building requires on average. By looking at your utility bill, you'll see your monthly electrical usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and how much it costs each month. In our free design process, we ask for utility bills covering the last 12 months, so we can best assess your home or building's energy demand. 

You can install solar on new or existing homes. If you're planning to build an addition, be sure to mention it in the design process. 

What Are the Payment Options?

Like any major decision for your home or building, choosing the option that best fits your budget will lead to less stress. Yes, with solar, electricity is essentially free from the sun, but keep in mind the installation and  system and maintenance costs when planning from a financial perspective.

Interested in flexible payment plan options? We work with a credit union that understands each homeowner’s situation to create a plan to meet your needs. 

Don't forget, there are state and federal incentives for PV solar systems. 

Examples of Solar Installations

Check out the projects we've been a part of to see how PV solar systems are benefitting home and building owners. 

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    Southern Illinois Lake House

    After this Midwestern family added geothermal into their home, they decided to add solar to get the full energy efficiency and savings experience.

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