Save Money with Solar (and Geothermal)

Installing a PV solar system varies in cost depending on location, actual and/or projected energy use, position of the array, and the installer. Since each home or building's needs are unique, we offer free PV solar designs to estimate cost. 

Solar offers more than the cost-savings. Gain energy independence, a sustainable and fossil-free home or building, increased home or building value, and much more simply by going solar.

Another cost-saving, sustainable technology that works in combination with solar is a geothermal heat pump. With geothermal, you can cut the energy use in your home or building up to 70 percent! On average, geothermal cuts hot water costs by 25% - 40%; and heating and cooling costs by 30% - 70% annually.

Investing in a PV solar and geothermal system will not only bring you an improved standard of living and an energy-efficient structure, but it will provide you, the environment, and generations to come a healthier future.

30% US Tax Credit

Incentives for Residential and Commercial PV Solar

When you install a residential or commercial PV solar system (roof or ground mount), it's eligible for a 26% federal tax credit. Owning the solar energy system makes a person eligible for the tax credit. Remaining credits can "roll over" into upcoming years if there isn't enough tax liability to claim the full credit in one year.

State tax incentives and credits are also available. The credits are referred to as SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates), and they allow home and building owners to sell credits (or certificates) back to the utility dependent on the production of the solar array. One SREC credit is equal to 1,000-kilowatt hours produced by the solar array. 

Solar Roof

If you need to replace your roof, the replacement cost may qualify for the 26% tax credit if the solar array is installed there. 

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What Will It Cost Me to Install a PV Solar System?

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